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Launching the Kerfab Excavator Range!

GP Bucket info

The Kerfab Excavator Range 2019 will be an exciting year for Kerfab as we officially launch our range of excavator attachments! In mid-2018 we finalised a deal to takeover Rhino Buckets and Attachments, a Western Australian manufacturer who specialised in excavator attachments. Kerfab spent the remainder of 2018 preparing distribution channels, finalising a service network […]

The importance of land clearing in Australian agriculture

Australia has a long history of land clearing, from indigenous burning practices to European settlement and the cultivation of farmland, altering Australia’s natural landscape.   A brief history of land clearing since European settlement Despite changes to forest cover caused by indigenous Australians prior to European arrival through ‘Firestick Farming’, approximately 30 percent of Australia […]

Land clearing versus deforestation

Google the term land clearing and you’re sure to find a lot of articles relating to the destruction of the world’s forests but not so much about the many other forms of land clearing. Here’s a quick guide to the difference between deforestation and land clearing.   What is deforestation? Deforestation is when forests are cut […]

When might I need to clear my property?

Land clearing is simply removing vegetation, rocks, and obstacles from a parcel of land to increase the usable space or tidy-up debris. You may need to clear your property for several reasons, including:   Preparing fields for sowing It’s important to prepare the soil properly before sowing new crops and you need to consider your […]