Make Your Telehandler a Multitasking Pro

Telehandler GP Bucket

Make your telehandler work harder and smarter with our Go+ Range of attachments. In seven days you can transform your everyday machine into a multitasking marvel that performs a variety of earthmoving, construction, waste disposal and agricultural functions.   Transform Your Telehandler in Seven Days with the Go+ Range Heavy equipment is expensive, so savvy […]

The importance of land clearing in Australian agriculture

Australia has a long history of land clearing, from indigenous burning practices to European settlement and the cultivation of farmland, altering Australia’s natural landscape.   A brief history of land clearing since European settlement Despite changes to forest cover caused by indigenous Australians prior to European arrival through ‘Firestick Farming’, approximately 30 percent of Australia […]

Ready, Set, Attach+Go

We’re proud of our ability to manufacture and deliver quality Australian-made machinery attachments quickly using our national network of trusted couriers and freight contractors. In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to deliver in full on time, we’ve introduced a new fast-ship range of attachments, the Go+Range. Go+Range gives you access to our most […]

Land clearing versus deforestation

Google the term land clearing and you’re sure to find a lot of articles relating to the destruction of the world’s forests but not so much about the many other forms of land clearing. Here’s a quick guide to the difference between deforestation and land clearing.   What is deforestation? Deforestation is when forests are cut […]

When might I need to clear my property?

Land clearing is simply removing vegetation, rocks, and obstacles from a parcel of land to increase the usable space or tidy-up debris. You may need to clear your property for several reasons, including:   Preparing fields for sowing It’s important to prepare the soil properly before sowing new crops and you need to consider your […]